What is PR-mats? Ground protection mats?

PR ground protection mats are high quality polyethylene ground protection mats for vehicles, construction sites and pedestrians. Developed by us in a Scandinavian high quality plastic construction.

Why use our ground protection system?

Avoid restoration work, Avoid machine damage and Avoid delaying the workplace. Protect lawns, ground, asphalt. Streamline the workplace. Save expenditures/costs.

Which application areas and surfaces do you protect with ground protection mats?

Soft ground conditions or surfaces that need to be protected against wear where the pressure needs to be spread out. Lawns, stone areas, gravel surfaces or muddy roads. Ground protection distributes pressure and allows work without unnecessary costs for restoration work. A handy complement to steel boards and a better alternative to wooden panels / plywood.

How does Markskydd ground protection have an effect on the environment?

We use high quality polyethylene plastic ensuring minimal environmental effect. All our plastic is recycled by us, minimal transport and ISO certified recycling. Plastic does not absorb dangerous ground pollutions and ensures minimal contamination of the construction sites.

Are mats easy to install, transport and maintain?

PR mats for ground protection can easily be moved manually. We provide handles, connection system and hooks for easy transport. At larger construction sites and arenas we have developed a vaccum lift easily used with a simple fork lifter. The system saves man hours and manual work both during establishment and removing of the flooring system / mats.

What sizes of ground protection mats are available?

We produce for you needs, we can design mats for all kind of applications. From 4mm to 18mm thickness and up to 40mm for extra heavy ground conditions. We have 4 standard sizes with a range of thicknesses for direct delivery to your project.

Does the mats regain its shape after being bent when in use?

The PR mats for ground protection regains their shape after use. The mats distributes pressure over surfaces. If the ground conditions are not flat the mats bends but regains their original shape when put back on the pallet for storage and usage and the next construction site.