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Our ground protection mats distributes the pressure from vehicles, trucks and large equipment and protects the ground. The mats provide a flat, secure and stable platform to work on. Available in 8 standard dimensions tailored to suit your circumstances, but we also produce specific for your needs. Rugged and durable for optimum grip, can be connected and fixed to the ground. We use high quality polyethylene and minimal environmental impact using recyclable plastic that can withstand the harshest environments and situations. Support up to 80 ton (static load)

Product Size (mm) Weight
New website here 2400x600x11 19 (Kilograms)
New website here 2400x900x11 28
New website here 2400x1200x11 37
New website here 3000x1500x11 47
New website here 2400x600x18 23
New website here 2400x900x18 35
New website here 2400x1200x18 47
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Ground protection mats for light traffic and heavy vehicles

TempoTrax mats, ground protection mats, driving panels, flooring

A simple solution for construction work on surfaces that need to be protected. Affordable alternative that saves both ground and remediation costs. Please contact us on ground-protection for more info and price inquiry.


Ground reinforcement and stabilisation
Ideal for integration into Sustainable Urban
Drainage Systems (SUDS)
» Unique patented design avoiding surface
deformation in high temperatures
» Manufactured from
100% recycled polyethylene.
» Fast and simple to install with simple
interlocking design
» Durable and lightweight - Available in
either Premium or Standard option
» Capable of withstanding loads
up to 350 (500) tonnes* / m2

TT mats, surface protection for both small and large construction sites

Ground protection mats PR mats are driving panels designed to protect sensitive surfaces at the machine works as well as during light and heavy vehicles and pedestrian traffic. The plate consists of recycled high quality polyethylene plastic that is flexible, sustainable and withstand wet conditions. To provide optimum grip is PR mats are rugged. Special connection holes and a connection system are designed so that several plates can be connected together and fixed to the ground. The mats are flexible allowing it to conform to the ground. Its low weight allows it to be easily moved manually.